Cary Newcomers Club, Inc. (CNC)


Benefits to Members

  • Make new friends. 

  • Enjoy fun activities. Find like-minded people ready and organized to do stuff. 

  • Learn about your community through local, civic, cultural, and service programs.

  • Feel good by helping others. Each year, CNC designates a local charity to support, and members participate in fun fundraising activities that benefit others.

  • Stay a member for as long as you want.

Benefits to Community

  • Because our members are a "go-go" bunch, we patronize local businesses regularly and generously through our special interest activities.

  • Each year, our members support a local charity financially or make donations in kind.

  • Information presented at our monthly meetings allows us to learn about our community and interact with it in positive ways, helping us to identify proudly with Cary and its surrounding areas. 

Cary Newcomers Club, Inc, is a 501(c)7 social club, an incorporated, not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization.
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