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Most Cary Newcomers Club Special Interest Activities meet monthly,

and some meet more frequently.


Fundraising activities for charity and our Member Social Events

occur throughout the year.

Due to the pandemic, many activity groups paused their gatherings. Groups are resuming their regular scheduled activities as well as new groups being formed.  Below, is a representation of activities that the club has offered in the past.   We welcome members to take the lead to organize groups according to their interests.


Come to our monthly meeting and check the activities table to sign up in person and see all the different activities that are offered currently.

Special Interest Activities:

Example of activity groups:


Book Clubs (daytime)


Bridge Club (ladies' social bridge and couples' social bridge) (daytime)


Bowling (daytime)


Breakfast Club (daytime)


Bunco (evening)


Coffee Break (sit and chat at a local coffee shop before moving on to the day's activities) (daytime)

Culture Club (meet up with members at local events and performances)


Dine In/Dine Out (dinner at local restaurants) (evening)


International Group (events with members who are either foreign-born or have lived abroad)


Knifty Knitters (daytime)


Koffee Klatch (chit chat and refreshments at a member's home) (daytime)


Golf (daytime)

Late Lunch ( or "early dinner" at local venues)


Lunch and a Movie (daytime)


Mah-Jongg (daytime)

Men's Club 


Mexican Train Dominoes

Sightseekers ( daytime full and half-day tours to local places of interest)


Something Sunday (Sunday outings as a group) 


Start WINE-ing  ( BYO wine socials with appetizers )


Themed Cuisine (dinner with a theme at a member's home)


Trail Blazers (a social walking group) (daytime)


Fundraising Activities for Charity:


Game Day (daytime)


Trivia Night (evening)


50:50 Raffle (daytime)


Holiday Bazaar (daytime)


Silent Auction (daytime)


Mani's and Pedi's (evening)



Member Social Events:

Holiday Party (daytime)

High Tea (daytime)

Trivia Night (evening)

Local brewery (evening)


From our bylaws:


"Under the Federal Privacy Act, no member or guest shall use the Club, its membership lists, or Directory as a means of self-promotion or for promoting commercial endeavors of any kind other than through paid advertising."


"The CNC Membership Directory and membership contact information shall be used solely for personal social purposes..." Article III: Section 3 

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